Friday, November 7, 2008

He is still ...........

I don't what you are facing today but I just want to say that Our God is still there. He is still our savior, the we can count on, the one who always understands, the one who comes quickly to comfort and heal, the one who we can cry our "Daddy" too, and there is nothing greater than Our God.

I know many of you may be facing things that I don't understand but today I write this in situations that I don't understand either. But I know the answer and that is ...I don't know about how or why that is going on with you but I do know my God!
And even without understanding I can tell you that my God is great and bigger then anything that we don't understand. He will meet you where you are at and wrap His arms around you. He will heals all the wounds that only He is able to see. WOW even after all of that there is so much more to say. Then on top of all the good things to say about Our God then to add that He loves with a everlasting love Wow! If that doesn't make you think about how blessed we are I don't know what will.
Be Blessed today and allow God to come meet you where you are at. Know that it's ok not to know why some things happen and still be able to say that you still know you God.

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Kathy Eden said...

You got to tell Jarod to get out of my head because when I was reading your post, I started singing...along with Jarod in my mind..."God is bigger than the boogy man...He's bigger than Godzilla or the monster on TV..."