Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wow what a powerful God we have!

Well our last trip to Haiti was a tough one for me to prepare for. I wasn't sure why but for the first time I was not sure if I could go. It's been a interesting time for me and I have not shared much with anybody. I let some think they were hearing it all but really was keeping me to me and not allowing others to have to carry a burden.

Many though came with ideas "how to help me". But really when it came down to it I just needed to see God use me when I knew that I could not be used. Have you ever been there?

Well the trip to Haiti was different for sure but on ever hand God was showing me His love and mercy. He showed me His greatness by the things that He has already set up for BOSKO. He showed me his love through the peoples smiles and eyes.

When I got home there was no time for rest because the next weekend was adventure weekend and that is with like 30 youth. Once again I hit a wall of not sure if I should be doing it. Once again God came through to show it's not me it's him.

When I got home from adventure I visited a dear friend/family member of mine that has been very sick for awhile. I have been visited regular and have even had time with her talking when that was not suppose to happen. I ended up staying with her until about 2:30 am and had the great privilege to hold her hand and sing to her. I don't handle hospitals or blood to well but God had such a great peace in that room and I really believe I felt His love for her as I was able to serve her. What a honor it was and even though I don't have words I learned alot in the last few months being with her on her journey. Rose Ellen Stintchfield passed away Monday and I have been asked to do her funeral. It's my first but for some reason that anxiety of I can't have been replaced with the Love and grace that only God can give.

God is allowing me to hear Him and walk with Him and not be moved by peoples ideas or emotions. Better than that not to be moved by my emotions or ideas! I believe He is teaching me to be a experienced pilot one that looks at and trusts the instruments that God has given Him instead of being moved by emotions and thoughts like a novice pilot is so often.

I am not looking back and trying to figure out what I just went through but going forward in obedience of what His instruments tell me to do. Sometimes its hard because it means letting go of future plans you had, friends you had, or even your fears! But it's so much better because you are free.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Post

Hey well I am addicted to facebook so my advice is join facebook! :-) lol. Anyway things have been rough but getting better. Short story version of Naitile is that she is now doing great. But was taken from the orphange by her father and then brought back. Then we found out that her real name was not Naitile Mooreland but Stephanila Pierre. So all the paper work had to be redone and then we had to have DNA test done. But Praise God that before the foundations of the world He knew her and her name.! He also knew that she would be our daughter. How blessed we are to have such a wonderful daughter!

I have made some changes in my life and really don't know where they will lead but for the first time can really say that God is in control. I have no idea where I will end up or whats next but I know that we serve an awesome God that has much better plans for me than I could ever imagine.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

What videos don't have sound?????

This is a video that Jarod made for me and I just wanted to share it with you

I am saying YES to God and I say NO to fear, anxieties, other people opinions, other people's agenda's, the past, past wounds, past experiences, my own thoughts, and everything else that provokes itself against the path that God has for me!!! God is worth a YES! He is more than worth it. He is the one that saved me, renewed me, healed me, equiped me, and He is everything! Join me today and say YES!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's Saturday

First of all this pic has nothing to do with this blog I just love this pic of my daughter!

Well I am trying to get better at blogging again. I warn you that I am in a deep thought mood. How amazing is it that before we all were borned that God knew us. He made us & knew us before the foundations of the world. Then He sent His son to save us and did this before we were borned. Out of His love He saved us. Without Him we would not even be here.

I tend to proclaim all the time about a God that is all powerful and all present. I would be one of the first to tell you how God has healed me in so many amazing ways and many of you have seen it before your own eyes. I would shout from a mountain top how much God loves you and how amazing His forgivness is. With all of this said I still want to hide when God opens doors and ask me to go through them. I stuggle with the "Who am I to do that?" question and "Are You for real?" remark.

Seriously where is the line that you cross and finally give your everything into the hands that created you? I think that at that point is where the peace that passes all understanding is and that joy that is everlasting stays with you. It's that place where you finally realize that I am tired of fighting the very thing I want. I tired of trying to fit in with the people around me and instead I am running into my Makers arms where I belong. I am ready and I am in His arms and saying ok I am ready lets go.

I am standing with the One who gives me His strength, His provision, His Health, and He is everything that I need. With Him I am walking forward.

He is everything that you need come walk with us

Friday, March 20, 2009

Ok facebook addict repenting #2

Hi everyone

I have to admit I have been on facebook alot and have not took the time to blog. But I have been reading blogs. I guess one of the reasons that I have not blogged is that there has been so much going on that I don't have anything to say! :-) I know that probably does not make sense but ......well it's me!

I was in Haiti in February and discovered I love being a Mom. I love my daughter and I love how much Jarod loves being her Dad. Here is a pic. I will try to blog more but if you don't see me for awhile come look in facebook. :-)