Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Post

Hey well I am addicted to facebook so my advice is join facebook! :-) lol. Anyway things have been rough but getting better. Short story version of Naitile is that she is now doing great. But was taken from the orphange by her father and then brought back. Then we found out that her real name was not Naitile Mooreland but Stephanila Pierre. So all the paper work had to be redone and then we had to have DNA test done. But Praise God that before the foundations of the world He knew her and her name.! He also knew that she would be our daughter. How blessed we are to have such a wonderful daughter!

I have made some changes in my life and really don't know where they will lead but for the first time can really say that God is in control. I have no idea where I will end up or whats next but I know that we serve an awesome God that has much better plans for me than I could ever imagine.


Greg's Wife said...

Oh my, what a nightmare, Kelly! I will pray for your family!

Kathy Eden said...
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