Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's Saturday

First of all this pic has nothing to do with this blog I just love this pic of my daughter!

Well I am trying to get better at blogging again. I warn you that I am in a deep thought mood. How amazing is it that before we all were borned that God knew us. He made us & knew us before the foundations of the world. Then He sent His son to save us and did this before we were borned. Out of His love He saved us. Without Him we would not even be here.

I tend to proclaim all the time about a God that is all powerful and all present. I would be one of the first to tell you how God has healed me in so many amazing ways and many of you have seen it before your own eyes. I would shout from a mountain top how much God loves you and how amazing His forgivness is. With all of this said I still want to hide when God opens doors and ask me to go through them. I stuggle with the "Who am I to do that?" question and "Are You for real?" remark.

Seriously where is the line that you cross and finally give your everything into the hands that created you? I think that at that point is where the peace that passes all understanding is and that joy that is everlasting stays with you. It's that place where you finally realize that I am tired of fighting the very thing I want. I tired of trying to fit in with the people around me and instead I am running into my Makers arms where I belong. I am ready and I am in His arms and saying ok I am ready lets go.

I am standing with the One who gives me His strength, His provision, His Health, and He is everything that I need. With Him I am walking forward.

He is everything that you need come walk with us


Kathy Eden said...

The wide open..............and He's walking right beside you!!! Love you!

Amanda said...

:~) Be encouraged! God is working it all for your good!