Friday, March 13, 2009

3:45 am Confessions (or at least it was)

Blog saved by Sarah Olsen...........Thank you Sarah

I Kelly Fehrenbacher am a facebook addict. My addiction started really slow and then the access of having it run behind what you are really suppose to be doing all day made it even harder to say no. Then the way you can download all your pics and it does not take three years made it even more tough to just say no. There it is now maybe knowing my addiction will help me move on or just maybe not forget to post! Seriously if I am gone for a real long time come find me on facebook and make sure that I am at least sleeping a little :-)

Last week I had to face my addiction ...I was at work looking for a program to stop employees from facebooking at work with facebook up on the next tab. Yes it's sad but true.

I am doing great! I am a little busy at work and my sleep pattern is a little messed which might be the reason I am in my office at 3:45 in the morning! But it is so awesome what God is doing. By the way my last trip to Haiti was awesome. I love being a Mom! I am so blessed by God to be where I am at.

I think sometimes we look so much at what has not happened that we don't realize all that could have happened. I met a person last week that has been struggling their whole lives because of abuse and addiction. As we started talking we realized that some of the things that she has experience not only were close to mine but without our knowing they overlapped. As I was talking to her God whispered to me His love.

See I have been so busy trying to improve everything that I missed the awesome hand of God that has been guiding me through the things that I could not even see. We don't thank God enough. We don't give Him credit enough! We don't understand His love for us enough!

Please take time today and thank God for the things that He protected you from and brought you from that you did not even see. Thank Him today for just His love that is so vast that our minds can't wrap around it. Thank Him today for the things that you have accomplished that you took the credit for and really it is all His.

God is so beautiful! He is so awesome!

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Kathy Eden said...'re freaking me out because this post...ugh, I should say the last part of it because I can proudly say that I am NOT a face book addict :o) exactly what I have been thinking today. Get out of my head! :o) Love you!