Saturday, September 27, 2008


Ok it's been awhile! But God is doing a lot. I have been jogging and now I am able to job for 5 miles. I know that sounds like bragging and I am, but not really about me but about my God. My God has healed my body. I still to this day at some point in my run, still tear up with the excitement that God has really healed my body.
Now I still do have rough days but I don't give the enemy room and my God has healed my body!----------------------------------------------------------

I know it my surprise some of you but I have some problems saying no. Right now I am working three jobs because I can't say no and also the fact that I just figured out what job to quit. But God is not really asking us to say no to others but to say yes to Him. If we will just say Yes to God then the No's will just happen. My answer is Yes. Just know that saying Yes to God does not fit yours or others plans for you. Saying Yes to God could cost you everything. Could cost you relationships and things that you hold dear to you. But I say Yes.

So get ready my friends things are about to get interesting. I know and I know and I know what is before me so when you see it just know I said Yes to God. This is causing a quick change in how I see things and what I do and don't do. This transition has been hard because though I may not be good at it all the time I am trying to leave things with grace and also close my eyes and go through doors with confidence.

I have no idea what you are facing today. But take a minute and let God know your answer is yes. Tell Him, God it may cost me everything but my answer is yes


Kathy Eden said...

Are you kidding me??? Life with you is ALWAYS interesting!!! Love you! :o)

Kristina said...

Can't wait to see!