Friday, October 3, 2008

Please be careful

PLEASE BE CAREFUL I am reminded today to be careful. Please be careful I hear in my head and my spirit. Be careful of how you look at thingsBe careful how you see thingsBe careful how you look at othersBe careful of what you think of othersBe careful of not making room for a "but God" momentLife is too short to read into things and people. I am reminded that the very thing I hate about women is the very thing that slips into my daily actions. I hear the cry "Be careful" echoing in my heart."Watch out" and "Danger" is what the signs would say if we were in a park. Unfortunately life does not have those physical signs to hit us in the head but God and the Holyspirit is crying loud please stop and be careful.Why do we still play high school games in the church and we are all suppose to be grown. Why must we look at others. Why must we constantly have to be worried or at least aware of what others might think........................The question that we must ask ourselves is our way really the only way? Oh I hear the cry please please be careful because as soon as we look at ourselves and grade others by yourself then we are only looking in a mirror and not able to see.Could you imagine driving down a busy road only looking at a mirror at yourself. Wow what a wreck that would but yet I warn and caution you that many are living their lives this way. Awake Listen and Stand on the only truth the holy word of God and Please be careful.___________________________________________________________________I am trying to be careful and trying to listen to God. Most of all I am trying to listen to God and not to the others that are thinking that they see me right! Come on my friends do you really think you know me that well? Do I know you that well where I have you pinned down? Don't mistake God's voice and mine? He is really the only one that knows us!I love you my friends and thank you for all the help and support but please be careful. Trust me the cry is for me too and I am trying to be careful.


Kathy Eden said...

So true Kelly!

Kristina said...


I am trying to hear him and I am tired so very tired of all the crap we all dish out to each other.

Sarah and Tim said...

hey girl,

you have never called!!!

Are you going to Haiti?

Can you take something for me?

Call me!!!