Friday, July 18, 2008

Dentist Chair Again

Well I just spent my morning in the dentist chair
again. But as much as I hate going to the dentist I am not complaining because I am one more tooth from being metal filling free! :-) Once again I had about four hours to try to think about something else.

Of course I thought about Naitile a lot! I thought about what she might be doing right now and what she would be doing if she was here. I thought about how awesome that God choose her to be my daughter and I have to trust that God also equipped her to have a Mom like me! :-)

There was another thought I was thinking about and I hope it's not to deep. I was thinking about how I could not feel the bottom of my face and how nice that is since I had three crowns and five fillings today. But it would not be nice to stay like this forever. Because for instance right now I am starving and eating is not a options. I got a drink to get the (after dental appt.) taste out of my mouth and I have to hold the straw to my mouth to make sure that I have my lips closed.

So like I said it's nice that it was numb for the dentist but staying that way would not be. But there is going to be a little discomfort when the numbing goes away but with that I know it's better to feel that little discomfort than to not feel at all.

Well sometimes when we walk through tough times God allows us to be numb in certain areas so that He can do a little work. Sometimes though when it's time for the numbing to go away and for us to feel again we back away and choose to stay numb. We walk around not able to eat right and not able to drink when needed. We trust more in the past then our Heavenly Physician Jesus.

God is saying all the work is done I just want you to allow yourself to love again, to trust again, and to be open again then the healing will be complete.

See today if I choose to stay numb you would say that my dentist is no good and the work is not complete. But really I choose for it not to be complete and because of that choice I would make my dentist look like he does not know what he is doing.

Wow how many times have I made my awesome Savior look like He does not know what He is doing. Make God look like His healing is not complete. No wonder the lost are staying lost we all walk around numb not able to eat right or drink right.

We serve a awesome God who heals and can make us whole. Make sure today that you are not worried about a little discomfort and allow yourself to love, trust, and be open again in that area that God had to do a little work on. It's time to show the world that God does know what He is doing.


Salzwedel Family said...

Clearly I need to visit the dentist more to clear my head. Thanks again for a wonderful inspiring post.

Your Naitile is a sweetie!

Tim & Sarah said...

Great post kelly! I love reading your posts, keep it up!

call me!

Kathy Eden said...

I thought you said this wasn't deep??? Liar!!! :o) Thanks for the great thoughts! Love ya!!! :o)

Colleen said...

Hey, Kelly! I read you were debating about a trip to Haiti in September... Thinking about joining the Sept. team? Would love to see you again!!!!

Kristina said...

Amen! Thank you for this post it really spoke to me!

Tim & Sarah said...

Seriously? You might be going? YAY!!! (if you are)!!!!!!!

kelly said...

I want to go on the trip really bad!!! I am looking into the chances of me gong this week.