Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Today I am getting ready to finally send the last pages to our homestudy agency. I am also working this week like a crazy person but I have energy and actually kinda like working!

God has just rocked my boat this week with His love and His goodness. I am always amazed of His love for us.

I can not wait until I can share that love on a daily personal basis to Naitile. I thank God for her.

Yes I have finally got my computer to upload pics but it will not do more than one but enjoy them one at a time :-)


Tim & Sarah said...

Kelly I could not be more excited for you guys!

Kathy Eden said...

Me too! Do I need to teach you pictures 101? :o) Mrs. you know 1000 times more than me about computers :o)

Kristina said...

She is a cutie for sure!

angela said...

hi, my name is angela but your daughter knows me as you-you. i was living at the orphanage as the house manager when naitile was brought in. i have pictures you may like to have. you can email me at if you would like! your daughter is PRECIOUS!