Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Papa Naitile

Jarod is already showing off his great father skills! Jarod has been out of town this week and I can not wait for him to get back.
Jarod talks about Naitile more then I do. We have been tossing around a middle name for Naitile but have not decided on one. Mainly because Jarod is waiting for that perfect name.
I hate it when Jarod is out of town but I am letting his company get it out of their system before Naitile comes home.
While Jarod has been at work out of town this week I have been going to a church service to worship. It has been a life changing week for me. I love the presence of God and I love how he changes His people. I love how He changes me! He is such a great father. As I look at the picture of Jarod holding Naitile, I can't help but to see a glimpse of how God want to hold us and how He does hold us.
See Jarod had to do a lot to get to this point. He had to pursue to win the trust of Naitile. He brought her candy and stayed around her even when she pushed him away. He had to prove to her that he was not there to hurt her.
How much more does our heavenly father love us! He has and is doing all the same things to win our trust because He too wants to hold us and spend time with us. He is crying out to spend time with us today. He is staying around even when we have pushed Him away. He is showing us today that He does not want to hurt us and that He wants to hold all of us today. He has proved His love over and over will you spend time with Him today? Will you let Him hold you today? Will you enjoy His goodness today? Because He is a good father He is waiting.


Tim & Sarah said...

I love this picture! Any idea's of when you may get to go back?

kelly said...

UM I don't know for sure but I would like to go back around September.

Kathy Eden said...

Awesome post Kelly! I thought we were going back together??? :o)

kelly said...

OK that is true I am going to go with Kathy when she goes

Kathy Eden said...


Colleen said...

Yeah - a blog! Welcome to the family!!! I have been thinking about you guys tons since May. Good to hear all is well and the home study is moving along!


Salzwedel Family said...

Oh yay...another 3A's blogger! Hi Kelly - we are adopting Anchise. Best wishes to you & your precious Naitile.

Abbie said...

Hi Kelly,

My husband and I are adopting Annabella (Taina). I think... that we may have been at the O the day your daughter arrived. Do you know when she was brought in? If it is her, I would be happy to tell you what I observed about her that day and how she was doing.

kelly said...

Naitile was brought in Nov of last year. Thats what I heard anyway. I am still waiting for more information.

By the Way Hi everybody!!!!

Greg's Wife said...

Welcome to bloggerland, Kelly. I am so excited for your adoption of precious Naitile. What a beautiful young lady! It is sweet to see that her daddy has already begun bonding with her! I'll add you to my ever-growing adoption prayer list.

Your sister on the Journey,
Cara (adopting Justin & Peterson)

Kristina said...


I love daddy daughter pictures. Hmmmm wonder why that is? Maybe because we have 4 of them? I so can NOT wait for someone to take a picture of Todd with Ellie!